“We’re missionaries, it’s an occupational hazard.” (3 of 4)

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Stories & Rumors of Stories

Through out our short time here in China, we realize that a lot of what happens is interpreted and seen through the lens of “our purpose for being here.” We hear many stories of things taking place and we live many of the stories. But what do you do when things like this happen:

  • Police want to meet up with you or your friends for unknown reasons.
  • Your name and church was supposedly turned over to the cops by someone mad at you or acquaintances.
  • Hear stories of persecution in your country taking place in other parts of the country.
  • Others spread fear to you and your wife.
  • People reject your invitation to church.
  • You offer a police officer a Bible and he rejects it.
  • Stories of “suspicion” start to fly around.
  • Cops seem to be on the street more, you see them more often around your place.
  • There is a reported “crackdown” for house churches in the internet news.
  • A police officer looks through your Pastor training resources.

What should you do? Stop? Move Locations? “Take a Break”? Leave the Country?

Well everyone man will have his own answer depending on the severity of the situation, but for the most part many should just keep on doing what you have always done. We have learned this from our team and time here. We didn’t try any crazy stunts because we though our time is short, nor did we run into hiding and drop everything. Stories and rumor of stories are going to be a constant way of life for us, so our reaction to them needs to be fairly consistent. We can’t run at every hint of persecution nor can we stand on the street corner with a bullhorn preaching our (supposedly) last words. We have to trust the Lord and not stop. The stories and things that have happened, for the most part, just pass on by and there is no effect on our end. The preaching of the gospel should never stop when persecution starts but should be proclaimed in spite of the end result.

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