My thoughts on the Gospel-Void

I hear the question asked “Are there enough missionaries in (Name a Country)?” And usually you will get two different answers and both will be to one extreme or the other. Here are the two extremes:

  1. There will NEVER be enough missionaries there.
  2. There is enough, don’t send missionaries there.

I think each of those answers have a partial truth to them and can be balanced. But I don’t think the problem is in the answers but in the question. It is kind of a trick question. I mean think about it, can you truly say there is no need for anymore missionaries and at the same time can you say that they need missionaries more than somewhere else? Well I was thinking about this and here is what I think would be a more balanced question and answer that gets down to the point.

The Question: Where is there less of a chance to hear the gospel?


  1. The “Spiritual” Answer – Everywhere there is a chance that someone will not hear the Gospel. But that is not what I am asking. For example, I hear people say hear in America, “I never heard the Gospel until I was 26. That shows we need more preaching here.” Now don’t get me wrong, I completely agree that we need more preaching in America (I mean I have been involved in a Church plant in the Bible belt for the last 2-3 years) but the thing that is overlooked is the person DID hear the gospel at the age 26. I know they will give statistics and show how many people die under 26, but think about this: there are places out there that don’t have the gospel being preached at all, the scenario isn’t that they didn’t hear it until they were 26, but they didn’t hear it at 36, 56, 76, or 96. They didn’t hear it because there is no chance.
  2. The “Need” Answer – This answer ask, “At the age of 26, would they even had a chance?” Then it takes one step further and ask, “On their death bed would they ever had a chance to hear the gospel.?” I think if you look at a city in this way, “Will a person here every have a chance to hear the gospel?” What do I mean by chance, I mean a gospel preacher. Or will a person in this city live and die never having a chance while all the missionaries are in one city making sure the people in their city are hearing the gospel weekly.

Has our focus slipped from being the world to being our own little town.

It is not that there is a more IMPORTANT group of people in the eyes of God. He equally “tasted death for every man.” It is that fact that some people DO NOT KNOW THIS. So it is not a question of importance but a question of chance, “Where is there less of a chance to hear the gospel?”

Oswald J. Smith said:

“We talk about the second blessing. They haven’t had the first blessing yet. We talk about the second coming of Christ. They haven’t heard about the first coming yet. It just isn’t fair. “Why should anyone hear the Gospel twice before everyone has heard it once?

Is preaching in the America important, yes…it has to be! But should our focus be on the gospel-saturated or the gospel-void? Let us work and pray that all may hear! “Some have Not,” may we give them a chance!

1 Corinthians 15:34 “Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame.”

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