April 2011 Prayer Letter

It is exciting to be on the field serving our great God! I am constantly humbled that God is allowing us to serve him in this capacity, overwhelmed by the millions that haven’t heard and yet joyful seeing God do a work! This month we had language school as normal but were also involved in many other activities that made an extremely busy month. We are happy to report the following:

Firstly, as we reported last month, the church we are working in while in language school made a few changes. They combined multiple small meetings and rented a larger space for the Sunday morning service. They made greater steps in boldness and getting the Gospel out by openly having services, starting Sunday school, and the whole housing estate around the church received church invitations and gospel tracts. We were able to help in each of these areas. The church has seen a good response from this and we ask that you will continue to pray for boldness in the months ahead as they seek to and already are evangelizing nearby neighborhoods!

Secondly, there was a short-term group that visited this month. They were able to help out in many areas of ministry and organize a kid’s festival. The festival was held at the square by the church and over 150 people came out that day. All the kids received bags for candy that contained a church invitation. The following Sunday we saw over 15 new kids and many parents come to church because of it!

Thirdly, we are able to make a trip to visit the surrounding villages for a new project the we will hopefully be starting here in the near future. In partnership with our home church, Vision Baptist Church, we hope to provide valuable resources and training to those who are interested.

Fourthly, our language is slowly improving and I was able to preach my first sermon in Chinese! As we reported last month, by the end of March I wanted to preach for five minutes, so on the last Wednesday of the month I preached for 6 minutes on the importance of the Gospel (God loves you, Jesus died for you, and your sins can be forgiven)!

Finally, and as always the call is still open for more missionaries to surrender their lives and join us in China. We are asking God for five men! Are you one of those men? As my colleague said “Ever thought God might want you to take the Gospel to China? Just think about it. If you can’t come up with a solid reason why you shouldn’t GO…”

Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayers and financial support!

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