Undercover or Under-the-Covers (3 of 5)

The Problem With Being Undercover: Big Organizations.

There are many organizations that were created to bring the Gospel to China. Some organizations were already in place and expanded their efforts to include China. The problem with being undercover and being with a big organization is that many times they have rules in place to protect the organization, which in turns, slows down the spreading of the gospel. They ask their workers to comply with rules that go against the grain of boldness in order to “not get every one else in trouble.”

Here is a proposed downward spiral of undercover organizations:

It starts with a group of good hearted, passionate young people desiring to see God’s fame lifted high in a foreign and restricted land. They come together for this purpose and a vision is born. They realize the task before them is huge and know they must recruit others to join in their vision. Others are recruited and they create an organization that is in line with their vision. They start sending missionaries into these creative access countries.

Language studies and culture shock start to take toll on the organization’s missionaries even though they might not realize it. Their desire stays the same but their lack of training (only being “discipled” through the organizations basic lessons and buzz words) keeps them from making leaps and bounds in their vision.

As time passes, there always seems to be a “problem” in their area, so they move around to different parts of the country, not really digging into one spot. Their goal is to reach the country anyways, so this seems wise.

Fear starts to set in as they hear stories from other Christian workers in the country and realize for the safety of the organization they must put rules in place. They wouldn’t want their own “ministry” to be hindered because of the newest recruit being to bold nor would they want their own ministry to hinder others. “We have to be willing to look out for each other and protect the organization!” they start to think.


This is where the problem comes in, the focus and shift to what the missionaries are doing in the country is now being based on what is the best for the health of the organization in that country. The misconception of “it’s better to be here than sitting back home” is rallied around and soon becomes the underlying theme of the ministry. The Gospel is casually shared and there is some fruit but the reality of really reaching the country is filed in the “you can’t do that here” folder.

Now, all big organizations are not like this, but it is a downward spiral that we need to be aware of and watch out for when going “undercover.”

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