Resurrection Festival, Balloons, & Piñatas!

In Chinese the the name for Easter is “fùhuójié” or “Resurrection Festival.” It was exciting to me to realize the name was translated this way, but I was quickly saddened when I realize not many people know what it means nor do many people celebrate it.

On Sunday night I asked a few people about that day being the “Resurrection Festival.” One couple checked the calendar to see if it was on there and then they said it wasn’t. Then they ask me if it was an American holiday or Chinese holiday. I told them it was a Christian holiday. He then look at me and said “Jesus resurrected,” I agreed, “Yes, that’s right!” I then asked him if he understand it and he said “No.”

To a lady at the next store I said “Happy Easter!” She just looked at me confused and said she didn’t know anything about it. But there was one lady whom I said “Happy Easter” to and she smiled and greeted me back.

That all took place on Sunday night, but Sunday morning we had a great time celebrating the Resurrected Saviour! During the Sunday school hour we had a time of outreach, trying to gather a crowd and invite them to our main service at 11 Am. Here is what took place:

  • From about 10:00 -10:40 am we had a time of activities which included piñatas full of candy and then tossing dozens of balloons out of the second story window each containing a piece of candy. Needless to say, this drew a crowd of children and adults.
  • At 10:40 they invited every to come to the service and a good majority of the crowd migrated over to our building.
  • We had two big signs hanging up in the commons area promoting our event the previous day.

At 11:00 am our service started and the place was packed! We made changes to our auditorium layout and everything was going smoothly. We had nearly 130 people show up! Here are a few things that happened in the service:

  • The children’s church worked hard having a craft time, puppet show, and a message from one of the preachers!
  • We enjoyed the Lord’s supper and then had baptism at the end of the service, two people were baptized!
  • There was one person saved at the end of the service in response to the gospel being preached!
  • There were tons of first time visitors who were all given a gift and visitor card.

It is exciting to see the Lord work! He is using the church and missionaries here! Come and join us!

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