Undercover or Under-the-Covers (4 of 5)

The Problem With Being Undercover: Supporting Missionaries.

Missionaries (including myself) need to be held accountable. Would you want to support a missionaries who doesn’t do missions? Of course not, so everyone who supports missions must think about what they consider “worthy of support.”

Missionaries that are undercover sometimes end up not doing basic ministry things. Read the short list below and ask yourself, would you support a missionary who: (for the missionary ask “would I support myself who…” and for a supporter ask “would I support a missionary who…”)

  • Is not allowed to start churches. They can have small bible studies but make it evident that they are not a church.
  • Is not doing church planting and/or their ministry plans are not connected to a local church or church planting effort.
  • Can only witness to those they built relationships with and are deemed “safe.”
  • Is not aloud to attend “underground” churches and therefore don’t know the condition of the churches, their doctrinal stance, and/or denomination but are encouraged to send their converts there. (Would you support a baptist missionary to build Charismatic churches? Would you work at converting one and then turning him over to wolves in sheep’s clothing?)

The list is short but you get the drift. Is someone worthy of your support and would I be worthy of taking someone’s support if I didn’t go to church, help plant a church, or boldly proclaim the Gospel?

(Note: These are just thoughts based on the topic of those working in creative access countries, not a complete list to consider for support, just things to make note of.)

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