Language Evaluation | Month 7

1) Preaching. After preaching last month, the missionary we are working under, challenged me to try and add 5 minutes each month to my preaching until I can preach a normal sermon. Therefore, at the end of this month (month seven) I attempted to preach for 10 minutes and went about 11 minutes and 30 seconds (including Bible Reading). I felt more comfortable preparing this time and was able to do much more on my own. Pray as I will attempt to increase 5 minutes this coming month!

2) More School. I am fully enrolled in two schools now. I have added 6 hours of VIP classes every week to my already 20 hour school week. The classes have been good. I meet with a teacher, one-on-one, and we are currently reading through a book of Chinese Contemporary Short Stories. If I don’t know a word or the meaning of sentence, she tries to explain it to me until I get it. Hopefully, this will increase my speaking, listening, and understanding.

3) Tones, Pronunciation, Grammar. These are improving each month as I learn more and seem to be on a continual rise.

4) Listening. This is my weak spot. I feel this isn’t increasing as much as I would like, so I hope to put extra time into focusing on listening in month eight.

5) Opportunities. As our language abilities increase we have opportunities to start doing more ministry. We just have to be vulnerable, take the steps, seize the opportunities and make them happen. Pray that we can start using what we know!

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