Problems in China

Persecution still happens in China today. You may have heard of the recent problems with a church in Beijing that was evicted from it’s meeting place and many of it’s member’s were arrested. This was mainly geared towards nationals. Here are two other stories, that your probably haven’t heard about, that have happened this year towards foreign missionaries:

In February, a church-planting missionary returned to the states after having his residence visa revoke by the police. Prior to this he had undergone two interrogations by the police that was all in relation to the ministry (Local Church and Bible College).

In April, there was a short-term group giving out Gospel literature and evangelistic books. They were caught by the police. The police seize the rest of their material, questioned them at the police station, and held their passports for a couple days before returning them and letting them go free.

It comes in different ways and degrees, but it is still happening. Pray for laborers in China, foreign and national, that they can continue to boldly live out the Gospel!

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