Once Again, Funny Quotes From A Funny Kid

Our daughter is growing up so quickly! We all love to have laugh and have so much fun together. We enrolled her in a music class that she takes each week that lets her get interaction with other kids her age. They usually have a time during the class where they ask the kids to sing their favorite song into a toy microphone. I asked her: “Do you want to sing, what is your favorite song?” She said “Jesus Loves Me!” Me: Ok, go sing it!” She runs up there and sings Jesus loves. Everyone clapped for her when she was done. Then she returned to sing a traditional Chinese kid’s song, in which everyone joined in singing with her. Fun times! Here are some more quotes from her that you might find humorous!

Me: “What are you doing?” My daughter: “Nothing, standing on my school (stool). I’m not gong to eat it.” …As she looks into an open jar of peanut butter M&Ms.

As she looks in the mirror and talks to herself: “I’m so mad” “Oh, I’m sorry, do you forgive me?” “no, I’m so mad.” …Don’t worry she finally forgave herself, making faces to go with the expressions. — Is this a sign of multiple personalities? jk

DVDs are know as “DV-DVs!”

All babies are know as “Isaiah,” the only other baby she knows.

From my wife: She just said “that’s cool mama” and giggled….umm I’m not ready for “cool” to be in her vocabulary.

My wife: “No, you can’t watch that right now.” My daughter: “You’re killin’ me!”

And to end with my personal favorite quote from my daughter: “Ooh yeeaah boooy!” (yea, I taught her that one.)

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