“In the Middle” – Learning About Me (1 of 2)

Since coming to China, I have learned a lot about myself. I have been able to see where a lot of my faults are, been humbled, and realized a greater dependence on God.

My pastor always says that on the mission field, the scum rises to the top! How true! You can be taught what to do, read what to do, and know what to do, but it is when the test comes that we see what you do.

The mission field is like a giant test! It test you from all angles and in every direction. Everything is new, your position goes from leader/communicator to being a learner/non-communicating outsider. Food is different. Culture is different. People are different. You may even like these things, but there is stress that comes with so many changes. Not to add that your family must go through this test as well. And for all practical purposes, you are your accountability.

Basically, summed up it is something like this: You are an outsider that has no position but that of a leaner trying to understand everything new, having all your training tested, and yet striving to glorify God through it all!

This is the position of someone starting to pioneer into a new culture, language, and way of life to reach new people with the Gospel!

I knew this before coming to China, but for me the hardest part is being right “in the middle” of the test. Starting out is exciting, finishing is satisfying, but the middle is just hard work!

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