Shenyang, China

Last Thursday I had to go to Shenyang to visit the U.S. Consulate and get pages added to my passport. It was a good trip. I went with my language school teacher and it provided a good time to talk Chinese all day. It took four hours by train to get there (China’s high-speed rail). This also was my first time to visit Shenyang. After getting my business done at the Consulate we had about three hours to visit the city before we had to get on the train and head back. Here are my first impressions:

  • The city seemed old and outdated.
  • I saw more abandoned buildings that new construction projects.
  • Their Chinese sounds more jumble together.
  • The subway was amazingly clean and nice!
  • Had a lot of old Chinese architecture and history/sites.
  • The U.S. consulate was disappointing and not very exciting.
  • Other foreigns that I mainly saw were Russians (besides those at the embassy).
  • A lot of the stores were closed by 5:00 PM. Made the place feel eery.
  • Didn’t feel as big as our city and had a different feel …seemed poorer.
  • Heard that it gets cold like here
  • Smoggy, foggy, windy, and dusty.
  • Needs the GOSPEL!

We only visit the area around the embassy, the train station, and “central street.” So my first impressions are limited to these areas.

I talk to three other Americans at the embassy and two of them were teaching at international schools and one guy was retired and “traveling.”

This is just one of the many cities in China that need laborers! It might not sound like the most romantic city or exciting place to live your life in but it is a city with millions of souls who need to hear the Gospel.

Will you consider your life to bring the Gospel to Shenyang, China?

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