First Bible Study

Last Saturday I was able to have my first attempt at a Bible study with two Chinese guys in their 20’s. They came to church on Wednesday and I was talking with them after the service. I ask them if they were Christian and one said that he was and the other said he wasn’t, he was just this guys friend. Great! I told them if they want that I could teach them the Bible and they could help me practice speaking Chinese. They agreed and we choose to meet on Saturday afternoon.

I have already been reading through Galatians, translating and understanding it in Chinese. I read through it completely once in Chinese and figured it would be a good place to start.

We studied the first five verse, commentary style, and then we read the whole book together each taking turns verse-by-verse.

I know it was kinda rough, but they said they understood me. I hope to meet again and continue to study the Bible with them. They said they will be at church again this Wednesday, since they had a test on Sunday.

Please pray for these two men!

3 thoughts on “First Bible Study

  1. Ty Pepperdine

    Praise the Lord! We will be praying for these men. What a great opportunity on many fronts.
    God is good!


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