Wesley’s Impact

Wesley’s life, though short, greatly impacted tons of people. Not only did he impact our lives but he especially impacted the lives of our friends and family. We have receive so many comments in the last 24 hours that it is amazing. A friend of our family and one of my wife’s closest friend’s just posted on her blog how Wesley impacted her life. I encourage to go there and read it, “Five Minutes… Forever Impacted” (and you might need a cup of coffee because it’s pretty long).

We love this family and are excited that our little boy could have an impact in their life. Here is part of the post where she explains how Wesley taught her son the most important lesson of all.

“4. Wesley taught my son the most important lesson of all.

The day [they] left for China as missionaries, I believe around 6 weeks after Wesley’s birth. I decided to go visit his grave and take flowers in honor of his parents leaving for their new life. I took my kids with me. when we arrived at the Cemetery we had to walk past several others graves and then we arrived at where all the little babies were buried. Curiosity hit both Luke and Emilee because they had never spent much time at a cemetery. They started asking about ages, and causes of death. I could see the look of concern wash all over Luke’s face. He then asked me where all the people were now. This led to a series of questions, questions that lasted all the way home. When we got to the house after believing Luke had a clear understanding of Salvation, of Heaven and Hell and a understanding that only the saved people in those graves were in heaven, the lost were in hell, he bowed his head and said the sweetest prayer I have ever heard.

I am forever indebted to the little bitty guy I held in my arms a year ago. I cannot wait to thank him for so many things. But the most important one being that He showed my little guy the importance of figuring out where he would spend eternity.”

Source: acoffeybreak.com

Praise the Lord! When we first heard this last year, we were so excited! Another testimony of God’s grace!

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