Language Evaluation | Month 8

1) Preaching. This month I was to preach for 15 minutes. I was able to do that (including Bible Reading) and must say that is was hard. I felt the pressure of adding 5 more minutes, it keeps pushing me out of my comfort zone. Each month I try to make the preparation process more natural and fluent. Also, I started trying to have small Bible studies and practice through this means.

2) Review. We are almost finished with “Book 1” completing over 200 pages so far. We a still have two lessons left to complete and then we will take the Book 1 test. We reviewed the previous lessons and it was an encouragement to see how far we have come and the things that I remember struggling with before I can now understand. Also, reviewing showed some of the weak areas and words that I have not yet picked up.

3) Tones & Pronunciation. One month everything seems great and the next month new problems arise. I guess that comes with learning to say new combinations and trying to add in inflection. By this point I think it is safe to say that I can correctly pronounce most tones and Chinese sounds. That doesn’t mean that I always do, but it means that I have learned how to manage the tones and learned the new pronunciations that we don’t have in English. Therefore, I have the ability to same most things correctly…now if I could just do that fast and fluently.

4) Listening. Finally! things started to increase this month and understanding was on an upward rise but then it kind of plateaued in the middle of the month. I still need so much work in this area, please pray.

5) Grammar. I started reading a new book on grammar and it is helped concrete somethings that I have already learned through drilling and also it is teaching me new things that I haven’t learned yet.

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