Uncomfortable (1 of 2)

Recently, we were invited over to a Chinese families house for a meal. This family has been over our house before and now they wanted us to come to their house and see how they “Chinese” live. The thing that is different about this family, is that the husband is a police officer.

When I first met this man, I met him at the police station. He spoke a little English and I spoke little Chinese. I was trying to be polite as I waited for those working on our paperwork, so I told this man that maybe he could help me practice Chinese and I could help him practice English. He thought it was a great idea and wanted to exchange numbers and so we did. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into!

After that, he called often and wanted to get together. At first I thought it was good and then after a while I thought it was annoying. Since He was a police officer, I didn’t want to always be hanging around him. I know that attitude was bad, but I just didn’t like the stress of having someone always wanting to be around and asking questions.

He wanted to come over and help me speak Chinese, so we studied in my office. He looked through all my books (mostly Christian), asked about the quote on the sword in my office (given to my at my ordination), and asked many other questions. We studied and I kinda tried to make it boring so he wouldn’t want to do this everyday.

None-the-less, the Lord was teaching me to be bold and compassionate. It was like He was saying “So you think you’re bold?” This man was sincere and wanted to be friends.

So I decided that if we are going to get together then we should do two things, Study Chinese or try to be a witness to Him. (A missionary in West China told me of a story how he had been challenged about the least reach people group in China: Policeman! This too was convicting.) There needed to be reason to get together, more than just consuming time.

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