Uncomfortable (2 of 2)

The next time he would come over with his family for a Chinese Holiday. I decided that I need to try to be bold with him and I was going to give Him a Bible as a gift. He gave my family several gifts and I offered Him the Bible (Chinese/English) and he rejected it. He said he understood my meaning but couldn’t accept it on the based that he was Communist and he believed what they believe.

This was kinda of a shut down for me. I was disappointed about it and was looking for a way to start talking about the Gospel. I even told him I studied the Bible in college, that I wanted to be a teacher and pastor when I learn Chinese, but nothing seem to interest Him in asking about God.

I started this story saying that we recently went to his house for a meal. I was tired and didn’t want to go and even tried to cancel but he was already preparing and excited to have us. They made us a great meal for our family and gave us this huge picture of famous Chinese Characters painted by hand. They were so generous.

I was praying for an open door to start talking about the Gospel. His sister was there and they were talking about me wanting to be a pastor and the lady said that she is a Christian. I was surprised but then saddened when she explained. She said a few years ago she faithful went to the Three-self church to pray because they said praying helped you sleep better..?!? But then She asked me question about some of the old testament laws and it opened the door to start talking about the Gospel. I started to try to remember everything that I had learned and memorized and clearly tell them about the Gospel. I could tell my police officer friend probably was a little uneasy about it because he would walk in and out of the room, but his sister listened intently. Praise the Lord!

The whole night they carried around the video camera and recorded our every move from the moment that we got out of the taxi. We had to eat food that we normally don’t eat (most of it was really good, at least from my perspective). When we left it was poring down rain and freezing…but it was all worth it just to be able to share the Gospel. Their were a lot of things that made this situation uncomfortable, but we didn’t come here to be comfortable, and I needed to be reminded of that.

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