Sufficiently and Extravagantly Financial (1 of 5)

A Drastic Change

Since we started out as full-time missionaries our finances have changed drastically. In the summer of 2008 we started part-time deputation while we were still working jobs and at the church. I started putting together our materials, calling pastors, and we went to some meetings, as long as they didn’t interfere with our home church services since we were still working there. We saw the Lord bless during those months and provide for us more than I expected. Is was exciting to see people get behind the vision.

Then as we quite our jobs and started full-time deputation in January 2009 we only had $550 of monthly support coming in. Our calendar was full for the month of January and we would be in several churches but we didn’t know what to expect. We had a lot of traveling to do, no money saved, a small income, and no guarantee of how we would pay our bills by the end of the month. We knew as we went out that churches would probably gives us a love offering for coming by and presenting the ministry, but when booking the meetings we didn’t require, demand, or ask for one, nor would we know if they would give us one or not. It was stepping out by faith not having a guarantee of an income but by the end of the month is was very evident that God was going to take care of our family. Churches and people gave generously and new supporters were added.

We knew we were stepping out in faith to “live of the Gospel.” This means that we were giving our lives to minister the Gospel and we would also partake of it. We have never charged to preach a meeting, but went about preaching and encouraging the churches of God, sharing our vision for China and giving them the opportunity to join in on the mission that fruit may abound to their account.

As the months went on by, the Lord took care of all our needs and blessed greatly.

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