Sufficiently and Extravagantly Financial (2 of 5)

Debt Free & The Lord Provides!

As the Lord was blessing month after month, we knew that we had to be good stewards of our finances. We we already in the process of learning how to control our money and working on getting out of debt. Finally, by November 2009 we were able to be debt free (read our debt free post)! We have been able to stay debt free ever since and we will do our best to stay debt free.

As we were approaching the time limit that we set for our deputation, we picked a date by faith to leave for China, hoping that the Lord would provide all of our support by then. Given the past track record, we weren’t too worried!

As we left for China on August 10, 2010 we were nearing full support and trusted the Lord would take care of the rest. The months following we continued to see new supporters, even until now we are adding new supporters. Not only did the Lord provided all of our support but blessed above and beyond.

In January of this year, I received our support report and I was literally in shock. I didn’t know what to say or do, I was speechless. Not only did the Lord meet our basic needs but it was just like He keeps allowing our cup to overflow. My eyes started to water as I thought of how unworthy we are and why God chose to bless us so abundantly. It was a very humbling moment for me. It’s hard for me to put in words.

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