Sufficiently and Extravagantly Financial (3 of 5)

Live by Faith in My Finances

I have strived to lived by faith in my finances throughout my college years. I have always had a desire to see God provided and it never ceases to amazes me when He does. Prior to starting deputation we saw the Lord take care of us. Of course I made many bad decision that would end up putting us in debt and I wasn’t always the best steward of my finances, but the Lord was teaching me and proving Himself. Here are three quick examples of how I tried to live by faith in my finances:

When I was in college in Ohio, I ask God to provide my school bill so I could be involved more in the ministry and my studies. He provided the whole bill the day before school started.

While I was training at our home church in Georgia, I got a delivery job because I knew the job was “tip” based and I wanted to live by faith that God would give me just enough tips to take care of me. He did!

Lastly, I had a great idea for starting a business when I lived in Alpharetta and working at the church. I worked out the whole plan on paper and everything was set to go and I even had two businesses involved. It was going to be called “Small Business Marketers.” But as I looked at what it was going to take for me to get the business going and make the money that I wanted, I realized that my time in the ministry would be extremely limited, and at the point I chose not to pursue the business idea and continue to trust the Lord to provide through my current jobs, putting my training and ministry goals first.

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