Sufficiently and Extravagantly Financial (4 of 5)


Every since I was young and had my first few jobs, I was taught to tithe and give to missions. I remember wanting to do right with my money and give 10% and then seeking the Lord for what more He wanted me to give in faith promise. This taught me to be a giver.

As I grew older and was taught and learned more from the Bible about giving. I realize that tithing wasn’t the max giving but was just a good starting point. I met other men of God who where great givers and invested their money in the work of God. They wan’t to see God do great things. I was challenged to be a giver not by law but by grace, this raised the standard. We realized we weren’t blessed just for our own benefit but to be a blessing to others.

Then I heard about a man who decided that he wanted to give more to God’s house than he spent on his own house every month. This too was convicting and I wanted to do the same. Do you ever have those moments where you want to give and then you try to decide, should I give expecting God to take care of me or wait until God blesses my income so that I can give more. I am not sure what we decided, I just know that we increased our giving until we were able to give more in a month than our monthly rent at that time. God continue to bless and continued to take care of our needs above and beyond.

Now we are trying to do our best to “live sufficiently; give extravagantly. not visa versa.”

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