The Missions Conference Series (2 of 5) First Things First

Before we get into looking at the questions and ideas that will help you get a better perspective on customizing your missions conference, here are a few thoughts to keep in mind.

That fact that a church is willing to have missionaries into their church and to hold a missions conference should be humbling in itself for any missionary.

We are thankful that churches are different and that missions conferences are different. Some conference are extremely busy and others are laid back. Somehow, they all work together for a good balance.

The “perfect missions conference” doesn’t exist on paper. Why? Well because missionaries are people and everybody likes different things and has different needs. If you were to survey missionaries every year you would get different answers from each missionary who are in different life stages. (And to be honest, if the missionary isn’t supported by your church yet, then they like everything you do!)

A successful missions conference would simply be humble missionaries meeting together with a humble church family in order to encourage and enable each other in making the name of Jesus know around the world all for the glory of God!

Now let’s get started…

Of course, the first thing to be discussed when planning a conference is the purpose of the conference.

  • At the end of the conference what did you want to accomplish?
  • Increase giving to missions? Specific amount? Fund a missions project?
  • See young men surrender their lives to be missionaries?
  • Raise up new prayer warriors? Strength those already praying?
  • Recruit new missionaries to support? New missions projects to support?
  • Encourage missionaries and the church family? Create a passion for world evangelism?

It is good to have these goals written out so you are not just going through the motions of this is what we are suppose to do. When you have this figured out, you will need to decide what you can do to accomplish those goals. If it doesn’t work towards one of your goals, then don’t do it.

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