The Missions Conference Series (4 of 5) Questions Continued

More questions and ideas to consider when planning a conference and wanting to be a blessing to missionaries:

Gift Baskets:

  • Will it contain their favorite treats or is it your favorite treats?
  • Ask them what are their favorites and give examples so they know the type of items your are looking for.
  • Don’t fill it full of “leftovers that a missionary could use.”
  • If you received the gift basket, would you be blessed by it?
  • Can the missionary use the items given?


  • Meals are always a good time to get to know the missionaries.
  • Home cooked meals are usually good after lots of travel and eating on the road.
  • Are there any allergies? Or special needs?
  • What are their favorite foods and deserts?
  • Would they prefer not to eat so many times during the week? Are some meals optional?

Gift Cards vs. Gifts vs. Money vs. Going Shopping:

If giving gift cards:

  • Make sure the store/restaurant isn’t only in your state.
  • Make sure they can use the cards when they leave your conference.
  • Ask them what gift cards would be a blessing to them.
  • Gift cards are good when you want the missionary to spend money on something they normally wouldn’t but would be blessing to them.
  • Are they leaving for the field soon? So the cards wouldn’t be helpful?

If giving gifts:

  • Ask the missionary and family what he needs/wants and give examples so he knows the price range you are looking for.
  • If the missionary is not local, will be they be able to transport the gifts back home?
  • Are they leaving for the field soon? Can they take the gifts with them?
  • Do they have a home, or will that gift just go in storage?

If giving money:

  • Money seems to be the most generic, but it doesn’t have to be. Find a way to give the money that is meaningful in the way that you give it.
  • Money is a blessing because it goes right where the need is.
  • Money can also be given towards something specific.

If going shopping:

  • Does the missionary know the amount they are to spend?
  • Do they have to buy something at that store, even though they can’t find anything they like/want/need?
  • Do they really need what you want to buy them?
  • Have you asked them where they would like to go shopping? Or will they have options?

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