The Missions Conference Series (5 of 5) Final Questions

Final questions and ideas to consider when planning a conference and wanting to be a blessing to missionaries:


  • If the people are well informed about the missionaries and already have been praying for them and anticipating there coming, Oh, what a blessing!
  • To put it plainly, there are dead churches and exciting church, which are you?
  • Decorations, maps, flags, displays.

Speaking Time:

  • Of course this is the pastor’s decision. But here are a few thoughts:
    • The missionary traveled to deliver a message, will he be given adequate time to do that?
    • Will he have time to represent his part of the world?
  • Please inform the missionary about what your desire is during his speaking time, if it is burden, presentation, preaching, etc.

Media Presentations:

  • Please test and/or have time for them to have a practice run on their media presentations.
  • Do as much as possible to help them have a smooth presentation, they don’t know how your system works. This will be beneficial for both.

Church Family Questions – You can ask the church family a lot of the same questions when planning a conference and wanting to make it a blessing for them:

  • Does your church family enjoy hosting missionaries? Or is it more of a burden on them.
  • Does your church family enjoy cooking meals for the conference? Or is this a burden on them?
  • Does your church family enjoy giving gifts, gift cards, money, or going shopping? Is all four acceptable. Are you focusing on one area. Do they get to be involved in more than a “drop money in the plate” type of way.
  • What can be done to create an environment where they will want to, need to, and enjoy being at the conference?
  • Will they have some type of scheduled time to speak with the missionary more than after and before the services?
  • What kind of media presentation do they seem to really enjoy?

Conclusion: Study the missionaries. Study your people. Enjoy a great conference.

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