My Wife is Expecting! Again!

My wife is expecting!

A few weeks back my wife asked to stopped at the pharmacy to pick up a few things. I joke with her about getting a pregnancy test, so she did for the fun of it! After we went home she took the test and found there were two lines! But the one was really faint. Though we know there is no such thing as a false positive, the faint line still caused doubt. Needless to say, I was sent out to buy more test. I looked up the words for “pregnancy test” in Chinese but apparently it wasn’t right because the pharmacist didn’t know what I was talking about. Therefore, I had to try to describe what I was asking for in Chinese. That was interesting! It worked out and after several test later, we decided to believe it was true!

The neat part of this is that we found out on Wesley’s birthday! (Read My Wife’s Post)

We decided to wait to announce our good news until we could have an ultrasound and found out exactly when the baby was due…since every ones first question is “when is she due?”

Today, we went to the Hospital and my wife had an ultrasound (no appointment needed). The medical care is definitely different than we are used to. Things aren’t as private and the care isn’t as personable. I was surprised, though, at how nice the medical facilities were…much nicer than I excepted.

Here is what it felt like when we went today. A multi-story nice hospital building, extremely crowded (like being at an amusement park on a holiday weekend), and the waiting areas felt like an airport (huge areas with the the linked metal chairs as everyone sits and waits by the door).

Finally, after waiting in line a couple times, first to register and then to pay upfront, we had to wait in the airport style waiting room before they called our number. I wasn’t allowed to go in the room since there were other patiences in there as well. After they were done (she didn’t get to see the screen or receive any pictures) we waited another 20-30 minutes until we received the results. When we received the results we walked to another level to let a doctor examine them. A doctor standing in the hallway looked at the paper confirmed that my wife was pregnant and that was it. I inquired about a due date and he calculated in his mind, somewhere around the beginning of February next year.

My wife is about seven weeks along and we definitely appreciate your prayers over the next 34 weeks or so. We are excited that Lord has allowed us to have another child. Our next appointed won’t be until August when we visit Beijing.

Thanks for your prayers!

5 thoughts on “My Wife is Expecting! Again!

  1. John Bagwell

    Congratulations! Very happy news indeed. You are about to have a whole lot more to write about regarding experiences in China when you get into the medical care side of things. Gonna be a fun ride!

  2. David

    Praise the Lord my brother!! God is blessing you all immensely! We will be praying for you as your family grows and later as God uses you for church growth.

  3. Stephen

    Congrats Mark:
    I wonder is there no one child policy for American’s in China
    Sort of like , “American in Paris.”


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