Answered Prayer, One for India!

In January of 2010 I started praying for laborers and had three specific request.

The requests were simple, I asked the Lord to raise up:

  1. Five men/families for China
  2. One man/family for North Korea
  3. One man/family for India

I was praying the Lord was raise up these labors before we left for the field in August of that year, but that part of the request was unanswered. Never-the-less, I continued, even to this day, praying for these request.

Then an answer to prayer came! The Roberts family surrendered to go to India as church planting missionaries. The Roberts family is part of the B.C.W.E. team and we are ecstatic about their recent decision to take the Gospel to India.

I am still continuing to pray that the Lord will raise up laborers for China and North Korea. There is nothing magical about the numbers I picked, just a way to be specific in asking through prayer. I know that one or even five isn’t enough, so when God answers these, I will ask for more!

Will you continue to pray laborers?

Will you consider surrendering your life and taking the Gospel to China or North Korea?

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