What is one of the hardships of living here?

I was recently asked about the hardships of living here. Moving to China has definitely been one of the most challenging and hardest things that I have done.

The hardest thing for me, thus far, has been the language (and a lot of the other hardships come out of this). Language is everything and without it there are many frustrations.

It is a roller-coaster ride of emotions. One moment everything seems to be going as planned and the next moment you are wondering how you will ever learn this language. It is a lot of work and patience. Both of those are hard, especially patience. I wish I could just put some change into the vending machine and press a button to get what I want, but it doesn’t work like that.

Everything else that might seem hard, such as weather or food, doesn’t even compare with not being able to fluently or comfortably speak, especially when you are a communicator.

So at this point in the game, language is the hardest thing for me.

3 thoughts on “What is one of the hardships of living here?

  1. Mitch Tillman

    1. I miss Family
    2. I miss baseball games
    3. Being stared at constantly every where I go ( after 9 years I still can’t get used to it)
    4. After all the labor of preaching, tracts, soul winning and all the professions of faith. I still wonder how many of the people we have led to the Lord are really born again.
    5. I miss good fast food.
    6. After all these years still difficult to convey a thought.


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