Stopped at the traffic light, a glimpse of hopelessness.

As I went to pick up dinner for the family tonight, I was reminded again of the hopelessness that the thousands around me have.

I stopped the car at the 100 second traffic light and to my left were two middle age men and an older men burning their joss paper right there in the street. The two younger men had some kind of clothing tied around their waste, I am not sure what that meant.

I watched as they attended to the fire. The traffic light was almost ready to turn green. The two men knelt down and started bowing downing in front of the little fire. The did this several times.

The old men took a metal tea kettle and pour a liquid around the fire in a a circle. Then they all left. Those standing around giving a look of approval.

The light turned green and I was on my way. My heart breaks. All I could think is how hopeless and empty that ceremony was and how I wish they could take that same devotion and use it to worship the real God.

Without Jesus, their devotional is NOTHING. Jesus changes EVERYTHING!

There is much work to be done, will you come join us in reaching the hopeless!?

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