Purpose and Momentum

I thought the following quote was a good reminder of our calling. Though we have assuredly gathered that the Lord directed our family to China for such a time as this, we ultimately realize that we are called to serve, worship, and glorify Him in spite of our geographical location. The doors for China could be closed at any moment but our ministry would still be to glorify Christ and preach the Gospel!

Purpose and Momentum

Before I was ordained, I volunteered to go to China after college to do relief work. That was in the late 1940s, and I didn’t know the Communists were about to take over and close the doors to missionaries. I received a letter from the secretary of missions for my denomination, who knew the situation, telling me I couldn’t go, and that surely the Lord would have something for me later in life.

He enclosed in his letter an article by Dick Hillis entitled, “I Was Never Called to China.” But Dick had, in fact, been in China for eighteen years. Curious, I read it. He believed he was called to a certain kind of ministry; the location of that ministry, however, was open. If the door closed in one place, he would practice his ministry elsewhere. His ministry wouldn’t change, only the locale.

From that day, I’ve practiced that philosophy. By remembering the purpose of my ministry is to glorify Christ and enhance his kingdom, I stay motivated whatever the place, program, or position. Through disappointments and discouragements, I have yet to lose the wonder.

Source: Ratz, C. C., Ratz, C. C., & Tillapaugh, F. R. (1990). Mastering outreach & evangelism. Mastering ministry (95–96). Portland, Or.: Multnomah; Christianity Today.

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