I wrote China across the entire verse.

I just read the quote below and understand exactly where he is coming from. I am not one to be gifted with learning languages but at the beginning of this year I claimed Psalms 11:1 “In the LORD put I my trust” knowing that no matter the circumstance or difficulties in front of me, I will trust the Lord. Chinese is a giant standing in front of me and on my prayer sheet I wrote “LORD, GIVE ME THIS LANGUAGE!” I trust as the Lord worked in this man’s life, He will also work in mine.

“One of my problems was difficulty with language. I felt that God had made a mistake in laying China on my heart, because I would never master the language. One morning while I was praying — arguing — with the Lord about Asia, and reading the Scriptures, I came to Exodus 4:12, “Now therefore go, and I will be with thy mouth and teach thee what thou shalt say.” Immediately I wrote China across the entire verse.

When I went to China and found the language study tough, I turned to that verse and claimed it. God gave me the language so that I could speak it fluently enough to teach in Chinese.” – Dr. Dick Hillis

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  1. David Gates

    Praise the LORD! That is encouraging to us as we are learning Arabic! I always rest in the fact that God sent us here. Therefore I strive to learn and practice. Some days are definitely harder than others, but progress is coming. I see the same for you all. It thrills me to see God using you to proclaim His truths in Chinese. Keep It Up!!


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