July 2011 Prayer Letter

It has been a great summer thus far and we are expecting God to continue to work and do great things! The following is just a small glimpse at what God is doing in our lives and ministry:

Language & Ministry – We are continuing with our language studies through the summer, just completing our 9th month. Each week I am involved in teaching a small Bible study and each month I have the privilege to preach to the church. Each of these challenges my Chinese to keep advancing. Also, my wife was able teach the Children’s Sunday School class for the first time in Chinese.

We’re Expecting – In our last prayer letter we mention the one year mark since our little baby boy was still born. This prayer letter we are announcing that we are expecting again! The neat part of this is that we found out on Wesley’s birthday! We decided to wait to announce our good news until we could have an ultrasound and found out exactly when the baby was due. The doctor said the baby should be due around February of next year. We would appreciate your prayers in this matter!

Baptisms – It was exciting to see six people get baptized last month by one of the Chinese pastors. Several of the people were from the work he has started north of the river. God is using the Chinese pastors to grow His church!

VisionTour: China – We are having our first church group come and visit us at the end of this month. Please pray that they will be able to get a greater vision for China and be a blessing in the ministry through their short time here. If you would like to take a VisionTour to China, feel free to contact us.

Voice in the Villages: China – This is a project to help provide material and training for pastors in the villages. We are still looking for those who want to partner with us in this project. We can use your prayers and financial support.

Hopeless – If you follow my blog then you read about the glimpse of hopelessness as I stopped the car at the traffic light watching two men burning joss paper and bowing down in a ritualistic and empty manner. It was an act of devotion void of Jesus. The need here is great and the door is open, will you join us in proclaiming hope to the hopeless!?

Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayers and financial support!

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  1. Stephen

    I attend a Southern Baptist Chinese speaking church. It possible you may attend the mandarin services during your furlough. There is also a English speaking congregation and some cantonese
    Tidewater area
    Virginia Beach, Norfolk


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