What Can Youth Pastors Do to Mobilize for Missions?

It is an interesting question to sit and think about, “what can youth pastors do to mobilize for missions?”

Another way to say it could be “what can youth pastors do to prepare and organize the next generation of missionaries to serve on the foreign field?”

I think these questions should be something that youth pastors are asking themselves and then answer. There should be active conversation going on around this topic and youth pastors need to be constantly working at doing more to truly train the next generation of missionaries.

Here are a few thoughts:

Become! – They need a real leader!
If you are a youth pastor, then it starts with you! It starts with you deciding that you are going to live a radical and exciting life for the glory of God. It starts with loving God and His word (you do or you shouldn’t be a Youth Pastor). It’s having a passion that last longer than the missions conference to see the nations reached with the Gospel. Mobilization is not something you do but someone you are.

Invite! – They need to know they have permission.
Invite your teens to partake of your life and your mission. This is and invitation to life-on-life discipleship. The hard part about inviting someone into your life is that you have to make sure that you have or are becoming the person that you want them to be. They will learn from you and be like you in many ways even though you don’t notice. Inviting your teens into your life is scary, time consuming, and hard work…but how else do take them from attender to disciple. Give them the permission to be involved in your life.

Train! – They need right instruction.
You are becoming the mobilizer you need to be, never “arriving” but always learning and reading. You have invited your teens into your life and many have taken you up on the offer. Now it is time to train. Teach them the Bible, this is the single most important thing you can do to train a missionary, help them get grounded in the Word of God. Encourage them to read about missionaries, have missionaries come through and teach them lessons from the mission field, and take them on mission trips. You are the coach.

These three ideas, like many things in life, are easy to say but hard to do. You can do it. Become! Invite! Train!

What are some other ideas that you have that answers the question “what can youth pastors do to mobilize for missions?”

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