A Dangerous Undercurrent – Mobilize NOW!

Christianity is growing in China. Not all of it is healthy, but never-the-less it is growing. The Chinese government recognizes this and are being informed about this situation. The following quotes are translate from an article entitled: “An Analysis of the Reasons for the Rapid Growth of Christianity in Today’s China” by the China Social Sciences Press (Beijing in June 2010).

The article shows that the government recognizes that growth of Christianity in China:

“Researcher Duan Qi points out that the non- institutionalised church has thrown off the restrictions placed on evangelism by the TSPM and Christian Council, believing they have received the ‘Great Commission’ from Jesus to spread Christianity. They have ignored government prohibitions; so the government has found it hard to control them, and they have gained a great number of converts. We can see that one of the reasons for the growth of the house- churches is they avoid government control.”

With the amount of Christians and Christian activity in China, persecution is considerably low. I haven’t met one Chinese Christian since living here that had to endure persecution by the government because of their faith in Jesus. Most missionaries that I know are operating without much interference from the government. There are cases of persecution but it is not the majority compared to the amount of Christians in this country. Therefore, I think it is safe to say that the Chinese government has been relaxed on the oppression of Christians. I currently am led to believe there is a unofficial open door to spread the gospel and plant churches in China. We must mobilize and use this opportunity NOW!

While the waters seem to be calm and peaceful, there is a deadly undercurrent developing. The problem is Christianity is being painted as a Western political force that wants to change and overtake the Chinese government. This doesn’t seem to be something that is new, but if people in the government really starts to embrace and believe this type of propaganda that is being fed to them, then persecution could become a majority problem.

The articles continues to warn the government of the potential dangers of Christianity:

“It is not that the government’s religious policy has led to the so- called loss of balance between religions, but rather that illegal Christian evangelism has challenged the government religious policy and finally brought about the break-up of the religious situation in China.

Their basic aim is to use Christianity to change the character of the regime in power in China and to overturn it.”

“Faced with this abnormal growth, we must undertake State interference, and to take legal and administrative means so that religion does not have a free market and expand out of control. This interference has two sides: firstly, undertaking every kind of work to strengthen our foundations, and heighten our joint national strength, strengthening the racial pride and self- confidence of the Chinese people. Also, strengthening the system of core socialist values and propagating the superior cultural traditions of the Chinese people and eliminating the present fertile bed causing the disorderly expansion of Christianity, as well as resisting infiltration from abroad which uses religion.

Secondly, as regards Christianity’s growth inside the country, we must use the method of combining government policy leadership to control it according to the law and undertake ideological education, so gradually the Christianity fever calms down and we can establish normal religious order.”

“…we must formulate a strategic plan and take comprehensive action to resolve the problem.”

We must mobilize and use the open door that we have NOW! The lamb of God, Jesus, will overcome the dragon of China!

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