“I Survived N.E. China’s Harsh Winter!”

We are in the middle of summer and the weather is very nice. After a long bitter cold winter came a pleasantly warm summer!

I just want to congratulate my wife on enduring her first N.E. China winter. She endure through the snow, subzero temperatures, and frostbiting wind.

My wife comes from the foothills of Tennessee where the winters are mild and short. She had never been in cold weather over an extended period of time or seen great amounts of snow fall. She saw some of her first big snowfalls when were were in Ohio for deputation.

Therefore, the winter here in N.E. China was nothing-less than shocking! But she endured through all the hassle of living in a place that is famous for it’s cold winters.

Congrats to my wonderful wife who survived her first N.E. China Winter!

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