VisionTour: China

We have several opportunities for you to be involved with Project China. One of those opportunities is taking a VisionTour.

VisionTours are short-term mission trips. We want to invite you to consider taking a short-term mission trip to China. There are two ways we organize VisionTours:

  1. Your church family can organize a trip.
  2. You can join a trip that is planned by the missionary.

The short-term trips are usually ten days long. The purpose for these trips are three-fold:

Vision – We want you to get a vision first hand. We try to communicate the need through our blog and prayer letters but some things are hard to communicate. We want you to feel, smell, taste, and see China. We know that your eye will affect your heart and we want you to be affected. We want to open your eyes to the true need of China and implant a vision for the work of God here.

Ministry – We want to open the door for you to be involved in ministry. Even though you don’t speak Chinese there is a small door of opportunity for you to use your English and help us reach out to College students and students of English. Not only that but you can help through flyer/tract distribution and conducting Children outreach activities.

Encouragement – We want to be an encouragement to the church and families who partner with our ministry and give them a chance to be an encouragement to the missionary families. It is like a reverse furlough and allows us to have fellowship and be encouraged by those from our home country.

If you are interested in taking a VisionTour to China, contact us through our website!

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