An Open Letter to All VisionTour Goers

Dear VisionTour Goers,

Your trip is approaching quickly and we are excited about you coming and visiting this great land that we have the opportunity to live and work in. Thank you for your partnership and support of our family. I wanted to write this letter hopefully to share some insight and encouragement as your prepare for this missions trip.

First, this trip will be one of the hardest trips you have ever taken. I don’t say that to scare you but to prepare you. For a week and a half you will be telling your body that day is night and night is day. There is a 12 hour time change that is hard to conquer and master in the short amount of time you will be here. You will be tired and worn out. The first few days you might be carried through by adrenaline, but eventually it wears off, you will be tired. Rest when you need rest, but keep pushing forward.

You will be living and traveling in a major city. Transportation will be different and uncomfortable. You will be surround by a cement jungle and people are everywhere.

The food will be different and even the common food doesn’t exactly have the same taste as back home. There are many good foods and things to eat, but I have been in China for awhile now.

You will be surrounded by hundreds of dead people walking. They are no longer on the other side of the world, it is not a story, it will be reality staring you in the face.

Second, this trip will be one of the most rewarding trips you have ever taken. You will get to meet some of the greatest people in the world. You will get an opportunity to fellowship with people from the church. The church is young and the people aren’t perfect but they love Jesus. Your time here is short but we hope you will take the time to get to know some of these dear people.

As you are involve in ministry through sharing your testimony, distributing literature, or participating in an activity, we hope there will be those that hear and receive the Gospel because of your involvement

You will get to experience China and see many great sites!

Third, I can’t guarantee you that the trip will go as planned. I can’t tell you that everything is going to be comfortable. Actually, I can almost guarantee you that something is going to go wrong. But that is life. Out of the many trips that I took with my youth pastor he taught me three words “adjust, adjust, adjust” and that is exactly what we will do when a curve ball is thrown our way.

When things aren’t as you imagined a bad attitude can arise. We might not get to eat when it’s time, situations might not be as comfortable, you get sick, or something else happens, make an effort to keep the same self-less, humble, willing attitude that you had when you signed up for the trip.

Fourthly, prepare spiritually because after all this is a spiritual trip. We want God to work in your lives. We hope that He already is! Continue that as you take this trip. Read the Word and pray. As your eye affects your heart let what is seen be directed through the lens of the Word of God. We want real impact not emotional.

When you return to America we want the impact to be more than “I am thankful for America and all the things that I have.” You will see poverty that is hard to swallow. You will see conditions that make you thankful that you have a nice house, car, clothes, church building, etc. We should be thankful for these things, but we want a greater impact. We want the kind of impact that a lost man can’t comprehend. We want you not to just be burdened about their poverty and thankful for your prosperity, we want you to become burdened about their spiritual poverty and realize you were given spiritual prosperity to do something about it. We want you to surrender your lives or mobilize others to go in your place.

In closing, your are a great church and God is already using you in many great ways. Continue that legacy and let your life make an impact of this trip and let this trip impact your life. Grace.

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