“Watch Out, Here Comes the Water Truck!”

As I was driving to language school the other morning, trying to avoid hitting people and everything else that ends up in China’s roads, I noticed a big truck spraying water. This was nothing new. It seems they used these trucks to spray water on the roads to keep the dust down and to clean them.

This truck’s duty was obviously to spray water and to clean the median area, you know the part that collects all the dirt and gravel. So they drive the truck and spray the water causing all the junk to go into the other lanes. Not the best of ideas but it keeps all the gunk from building up (I guess).

Anyways, the funny part of the story is that the trucks didn’t care if there were people standing in the median or not. One thing you need to understand about China is there are always people in the roads walking, crossing the street, or just doing…something.

As I followed behind the truck you could see the nervous look on peoples face as they saw this dump truck size vehicle coming towards them forcefully spraying tons of water all over the place. Some people would hurry to try and cross the street to get out of the path way of soaking wetness while others didn’t see it coming and ended up wet (you could see the shock of “what just happened”).

One group of guys saw it coming and they all jumped to avoid the spraying stream of wonderful cleansing goodness.

Needless to say it was quite humorous to watch but then again I was inside the car.

If you ever visit China, “Watch out for the water truck!”

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