Funny Quotes from the Birthday Girl

Today is my little girl’s birthday. She turns 3 (or 4 depends what culture we are counting by). When asking her a few days ago what she wanted for her birthday, she replies with “chocolate cake, candy, and a cat toy!” She is a blessing and we thank God for her!

Here are some other funny quotes from the birthday girl!

-My wife: “Finish eating your green beans!” My Daughter: “I can’t reach my fork.”

-On a Sunday morning I was expplaing to my daughter that momy was my wife and also the thing I was tying around my neck was a tie. That didn’t fully compute and now my wife is my tie!

-After she got in trouble for not listening I said “Why don’t you want to listen?” Kinda of a rhetorical question but she sincerely answered “Because I don’t want to.” Simple enough, problem found.

-Me: “Do you want to ride a boat? “ My daughter: “A dragon boat?” — Yea, it is obvious we live in China if she knows what a dragon boat is.

-During family devotions we use a kids picture bible along with what we read to illustrate the story. When we showed her the picture of the manger scene she inquired if it was “old macdonald had a farm?!”

-I asked my daughter what this character was “ 冷 “ and she said “it is a tent, see, and it is raining.” (It just means “cold.”)

-I was practicing memorizing some Chinese characters and my daughter informed my that “chinese words look like buildings.”

-“Daddy is big and mommy and me are little.”

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  1. Donald Dunn

    I was preaching on Sunday and brought in about the superiority of the King James Version. A little boy turned to his mother and asked, “Mom, what is a King John Virgin?”


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