Things that are different (Part 5)

There are many things that are different to me that, at first, seem rude because it is the opposite as to what I was taught. But to do these certain things in China is not rude, it is their way of life. Sometimes it is hard to adjust to things that you feel are rude. Here are a few examples:
  • Yelling for the waitress in a restaurant if you want anything! You just yell “WAITER!” Otherwise they might not come and take your order!
  • When paying for something you can just throw the money down on the counter without it being rude. People will just throw a handful of wrinkled bills down without thinking twice.
  • Burping in public, yep, thats OK!
  • At a restaurant you don’t clean up after yourself, even at places like McDonald’s. You just leave everything on the table and walk away. (It is nice but hard to do.)
  • Make a mess when you eat a meal at a small local restaurant. You don’t have to do this, but if you want to fit in with the locals, then feel free to be messy. Throw that chicken bone on the table, drop those cigarette buds on the floor, spit freely, and whatever else creates a mess.
Some other things that are different but aren’t in the above category:
  • Street vendors are a part of your life.
  • Using chopsticks more than using a fork during a week period.
  • Not being able to fit underneath the tables because they are too short and my legs are too long. Usually the chairs and tables are super small.
  • A good majority of Chinese restaurants serve their food “family style.”
  • We look forward to shopping in the “International aisle” at the grocery store since we now fall into that category.
  • Using an ATM as a way of life. Every month we have to get our money out of ATMs which can take a few days to accomplish.
  • People walk around with umbrellas on a bright and sunny day (not just rainy days) so they won’t get darker.
  • Drinks that are familiar to us are pretty limited, Coke, Sprite, Fanta, but there is an unlimited selection of Chinese drinks of all sorts…some very interesting!

Question: Can you relate to any of these? Which do you find interesting?

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3 thoughts on “Things that are different (Part 5)

  1. Caroy

    1. The sheer amount of people who smoke in public, especially inside buildings.

    2. The absolute obsession over Western people and all things from the West. I got my picture taken so many times, alone and with other people. I also love seeing how they adapt cultural themes from the US to fit their own culture. For example, Christmas garland. I saw a few buses who decided to hang it from their handles inside. Or green tea blizzards from Dairy Queen.


    1. Mark (China Ramblings!) Post author

      Thanks for comment Carly. Both of the things you mention apply where we are as well! It is funny to see how they use different “Western”concepts and adapt them. And don’t worry about the number “3.” it will just be the great unknown!


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