“Cold Air Machine”

I attempted to find something cheaper than the full scale air conditioners to cool our guest room for the guest coming at the end of this month. That didn’t work out so well.

Our house doesn’t have central air but we have installed a stand alone unit in the living room and also a small wall unit in our bedroom. This has kept the house cool enough. But the guest room is on the other end of the house that doesn’t receive any benefit from the air conditioning units.

Buying a new unit is a little expensive but even more so, it is just a lot of pain to install. Not because I would install it but the installers don’t really care about being clean. They have to drill through the wall to run a house outside. In a seventeen story building the walls are thick so they us a water-drill. The drill sends mucky water everywhere. We have already had three wholes drilled through our walls and each time it is a major ordeal. (Then you try to clean the walls and the paint comes off.)

Thus we went to the store on a hunt. We quickly found a few machines that looked like they could work. After talking to the sales lady, we found a “cold air machine.” We tested it and she told me if we put water in the back of it the air would be cold when it comes out. I was skeptical but even the box said “cold wind” on the side of it. After getting it home and testing it, we realized it was nothing more that a overpriced humidifier that didn’t make the room cold but more humid and miserable.

The way the machine was suppose to make cold air (which I didn’t know beforehand) was that it included two freezer packs that you freeze and place into the water tank to make the water cold and thus the air would be cold. Not only did it not work but how annoying would it be to keep changing out the freezer packs.

We wanted to return the machine and get our money back, but that isn’t happening in China. We where able to replace it for an nice overpriced fan though!

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