Advertising in China

Advertising in China, from what I have observed is pretty much the same as other places but they have a few distinct things that they do.

They have the usual TV and radios ads. There are signs and billboards everywhere. People hang flyers on your door and hand them out on street. Notable businesses and no so notable businesses do this.

Here are four distinct ways that seems to be common place:

1) Business cards at stop lights. People come by and stick a business card on your window as you are stopped at the traffic light (or your car is parked). If your window is down they will just throw the card inside your car. (Some of them may offer it to you.)

2) Write your phone number and job skill on the wall, building, or anywhere you can find a place. It’s like advertising graffiti.

3) Stand on the side of the street and wave people down to give them a flyer or sell them something.

4) Wait on the side of the road holding a sign the says your skill / job. It’s not uncommon to see a painter sitting on a paint bucket holding a paint roller and sign in his hand waiting for someone to hire him.

Question: Have you seen these four ways of advertising as common place somewhere?

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