The Reasoning Behind the Squatty Potty

I had an interesting conversation with one of my teachers at school on Tuesday. I learned a new word and the translation was toilet. I never heard a toilet called this so I asked to clarify. Anyways she explain this wasn’t like a western toilet but more like a pot used as a makeshift toilet…something I thankfully haven’t had the pleasure of using yet.

This led us somehow to be talking about two other kinds of “toilets,” the Western style toilets and the popular Chinese style toilets, also known as squatty potties (if you are unsure what these porcelain holes in the ground look like, you can google it). I always just thought that maybe these style “toilets” were less expensive and China was behind the times in there restroom facilities. I had no idea why someone would choose this style over a normal toilet. Then my teacher explained it to me!

According to her, Chinese people like to use the squatty potties in public places because they are cleaner and more sanitary. She said she didn’t think it was very clean for a bunch of strangers to sit on the same toilet over and over. If it is just your family then a western style toilet is okay, but they aren’t okay in public. I thought the reason here made sense and something that I never really thought about, not that I think about toilets a lot. I told her some places in America offer paper to put on the seat cover and she said that Chinese people would just think that is a waste. I agree that they probably would think that it is a waste since the public restrooms never provided toilet paper (bring your own or improvise).

So there you have it, the reasoning behind the infamous squatty potty…squatting verses sitting is more sanitary.

5 thoughts on “The Reasoning Behind the Squatty Potty

  1. Carolyn Styles

    This is the most gross thing I have heard of in a while. I Googled it (or rather, Yahooed it) and I cannot imagine using one of those things. It just confirmed what I already knew: I will NEVER EVER be going to China! The company I work for is expanding its operations in China and my boss is headed over there this week for his second stint helping with the conversion to our computer system. I will have to ask him tomorrow if he has ever used a squatty potty. I am anxious to hear his response!

  2. kimberly

    Actually, you can Google this, too, but apparently the body is made to “evacuate” much more effectively in a squatting position. I’ve had to do squatties in China and for a western, the knees take a beating and the balancing can be tricky.
    I’ve heard of Chinese or Asian people actually standing on the seats of western toilets and squatting. Different strokes!


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