Graduation and Vacation

We have seen some interesting things happen with the church’s attendance over the past couple months and it is mainly due to graduation and vacation.

If you ever visit the church it would be obvious that a good majority of the attenders are college students. Therefore, the seasons of life for students also affects the church.

Recently, we had to say goodbye to several members of the church because they graduated and return to their hometown or moved to a different city for work. Many were faithful members of the church and didn’t want to leave the church (since many don’t know a church in their area or their parents aren’t Christians). Once a student graduates he has to leave campus and therefore is forced to find a new place to live or return home (many are strongly “encouraged” by their parents to return home).

Another season of the students life that affects the church is vacation time. When the students are on vacation many of them return home. A good majority of the students aren’t originally form this city, so they return home on Summer break to see family or work to make some extra money.

This has affected the church’s attendance pretty drastically. We have been averaging in the 70-80s each week and now we are averaging in 30-40s. We expect the attendance to pick back up to normal when school starts back up.

The good news is:

  • There is a strong core of people that are here to stay (for a good amount of time, anyways).
  • Each week we are still having first time visitors.
  • There will be many freshmen moving into the city who we will be able to reach, Lord willing.

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