Tips, Helps, and Suggestions For Short-termers Traveling to China (2 of 3)

#17 – Electronics: Feel free to bring whatever electronics you want but remember we use a different voltage and plugs. You can tell if it is dual voltage by looking on the product and seeing if it says 110-240. Most computers are dual voltage. If you plug something in that is not dual voltage, you will burn it up and ruin it immediately. (We can provided an adapter if necessary.)

#18 – You always have the chance of something getting stolen (though we haven’t had anything stolen).

#19 – Computer: You can bring your computer but remember the Chinese government blocks website like Facebook and Twitter unless you pay for a VPN (buy and download before you come because they are blocked here).

#20 – On the long flight every seat should have a personal screen loaded with movies, TV shows, games, etc. Some people take their computers or DVD players to watch stuff on the pane, but know this option is available, so it’s not necessary.

#21 – We have a Vonage phone at our home that anyone can use to call the states for free. Also, if any of your family needs to contact you in an emergency we can provided a number for them to call and reach you.

#22 Keep in mind, for international flights, you are supposed to be at the airport at least 3 hours before your flight. Plan enough time to travel and arrive at the airport on time.

#23 – Remember your passport and keep it on you! Don’t pack it in your luggage. You can use it as your ID in the airport and must use it once you leave the US.

#24 – If you want to exchange money, bring new bills. We have had the bank reject older bills and refuse to exchange them for us.

#25 – Keep track of your stuff as we travel. The easiest way to loose something is to forget it in a taxi.

#26 – Everything won’t go perfect and at times plans might change drastically so when things like this happen our motto is “Adjust, Adjust, Adjust!”

#27 Pack Light. You will need to carry your own luggage and we will be taking planes, trains, buses, and taxis.

#28 – Make sure each bag is not over 50 lb. Otherwise when you get to the airport they will make you pay a pretty big fee or you must take stuff out of the bag (and you will just have to throw it away) for them to check the bag.

#29 – Keep your carry-ons with you. You don’t have to weigh them and check them in (a carry-on can be a suitcase and a personal item can be a backpack).

#30 – The first time I came to China, the airlines lost all my luggage, never to be found and never gave me any reimbursement for it. So with that being said, if there is something you can’t afford to loose… you can decided to bring or not to bring.

#31 – Bags: Everyone can bring one checked bag at 50 pounds, one carry-on, and one personal item. The second checked bag will be used to help us transfer different supplies and items for missionaries (this is a huge help and blessing to the missionaries).

#32 – When bringing the extra bag through security, if they stop and open it, don’t act like “this isn’t my bag, I don’t know what’s in it.” You can just say “it is stuff for the friends we are visiting.”

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