Some Practical Missionary Resources

There are several resources that I have come across that have helped me a long the missionary trail. I am always getting asked for the services and resources that we use, so I thought I would pass these along. Here are some things we use and recommend:

Prayer Letters – A ministry called “CalvaryStand” prints and mails out our prayer letter every month.

Luggage – This is the best carry-on I’ve used. We used these bags, Parachute & Sport Duffel, to pack and move all our stuff to China.

Health InsuranceWe use Good Neighbor Insurance. We are covered by the Global Navigator 2500 Plan.

Life Insurance – We were approved and have life insurance through Prudential.

Retirement – We invest for retirement (in Roth IRAs) using a Dave Ramsey E.L.P.

Emails – We use MailChimp for all our emailing campaigns.

Phone – We use Vonage to stay connected with family, friends and churches back in the States.

BankWe use Bank of America for our banking needs. They work with a Chinese bank so that all ATM fees are reimbursed. Since I have to use an ATM here to pull my money out, which takes several trips to the ATM, this saves money in paying all the ATM fees.

VPN – We use ExpressVPN as our VPN to get access to blocked websites.

*These are things I actually use. Some of the links are referral links, meaning I will get something if you click on the link and sign up. Example: Free month of service. 

3 thoughts on “Some Practical Missionary Resources

  1. Jonathan Bunford

    This was very informative for us. We’re not sure what God’s planned for us at this point, but I like to stay informed!

  2. Reach the People

    Thanks for this list of resources. These are a big help to us as we prepare to leave the country in three days and are trying to tie up loose ends.


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