Meeting Chinese Students – A VisionTour Update

This morning after devotions and breakfast we headed to Central Street (a popular and historic part of town) to see more of the city (and hundreds of people walking their streets) and meet up with a several college students. At first, we were told only five students would arrive, but their were about 11-12 that came. All of them were students from North of the river where one of the guys has started a small Bible study.

The purpose of today was simply to spend the day with these students and them to spend the day with us (building relationships). It gave the students a chance to practice their English and a chance for the group to help them and share the gospel. They spent the day walking around the Central street area and took a boat on the river. The students helped everyone get around and eat some authentic Chinese food!

Then we headed to North of the river for a Bible study and outreach activity. Almost all the students came to the Bible study and there were about 24 in attendance. The group was able to participate in preaching, testimonies, and signing.

After the service we went outside to the main plaza of the housing estate and started playing some games with the kids. A crowd started to form and then we passed out gospel tracts and church invitations.

Finally, we finished the day with fellowship over another Chinese meal and returned home for the night.

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