Gospel on the Move – A VisionTour Update

Tuesday was a great day on the VisionTour. We went to an area of the city that we refer to as the slums (I wrote about it before, read it here). We brought a bunch of water guns to give out to the kids as a small gift to brighten their day and hopefully draw a crowd and play some games. After we passed out the water guns, we asked if anyone could allow us to use their water to fill up the water guns but they informed us that they didn’t have any water (that was a shocker). We had to go to a nearby restaurant who let us use their water to fill up the water guns. The kids really enjoyed them and we play for a long time with them. After the games, the Chinese pastor who leads the Children’s activities gathered everyone around and preached the Gospel to them. While this was happening some from the VisionTour team stayed and helped with the kids while others walked around the area, going to different houses to give out Gospel tracts. Before we left, they gave out some more things that we brought like snacks, toys and clothes.

In the afternoon, we went door-to-door hanging flyers and Gospel tracts on the apartment doors, climbing several flights of stairs! (Side note: this was the first time that I saw another tract already on someone’s door when we got there that was left by a cult.)

In the evening, we started the last night of our 2 day VBS. It wasn’t raining so we started the activities outside in the public square. We were able to draw a much bigger crowd this way and we had about 30 kids participate. After playing several games outside, we brought the kids inside where they were taught a couple songs, the Gospel was preach, and they were taught how to pray. After that, some had snacks, did crafts and then back outside for the final game of the night. Everyone was told about church on Sunday, so pray that we will have a good turn of kids that will come.

From morning to evening the Gospel was on the move! Praise the Lord for His boldness and protection!

1 thought on “Gospel on the Move – A VisionTour Update

  1. Hannah Peabody

    Praise the Lord! I am so proud of the work you all did for the Lord! I’m glad he kept everyone safe on the trip….Praise him for his wonderful work!


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