Thoughts from What Happened Sunday

As missionaries to China, we expected persecution in some form.

We came to China to spread the Gospel and plant churches, for us this means we would face persecution. We knew the cops would come, we just didn’t know when.

We weren’t ignorant of the persecution that happens in China, we just decided that is wasn’t going to keep us from making disciples, planting churches and training leaders.

The Bible promises persecution for those who live godly, so the church must be doing something right.

The persecution was nothing of political nature but took place during the preaching of the Word of God.

We don’t plan on running into hiding but to keep advancing and pushing forward. We didn’t come here to retreat.

Some will mock, some will think we are reckless, others will use this an excuse to continue hiding but we will continue to live boldly, proclaim loudly, and worship openly.

We didn’t seek out persecution, we were just doing ministry trying to be obedient servants and it found us.

We weren’t being reckless but we were being radical with the Gospel in China.

Some will distance themselves from us, break any associations with us and continue to comfortably live in China unharmed and untouched because of hiding the candlestick of the Gospel. We simply state: “lift the candlestick high, keep it high that China may see the Light, in spite of the cost, in spite of the persecution, keep it shining bright, Jesus high and lifted up.”

Some probably will never come back to the church, some will be scared for awhile and then maybe come back, others will say “no matter the cost.” The church will be refined.

Biblical persecution is a time for rejoicing seeing many were counted worthy to suffer for His name sake.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts from What Happened Sunday

  1. David

    Amen! My Brother! We thank God for your testimony and that of those there. You all encourage and inspire us. We are praying for you all to continue pressing toward Christ while proclaiming His sweet name. We love you all and thank you for the updates. 1Pet 4:12-14


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