The Questioning, Things to Note

I wasn’t taken in for questioning, but after talking with the guys that were, we learned several interesting things.

The four things the police seemed to be really interested in were:

1. Funding, where is the money coming from?
2. Foreigners, what is their involvement?
3. Cults, are you one or do you have an relationship with a cult?
4. Preaching, who is and what are they preaching?

They didn’t really care about singing and praying it was the preaching the was the part that made then uncomfortable (and it is when they stopped the service).

They basically let the Chines pastors know they can’t have the church in the daycare, but if they wanted to get together in their home to pray, sing and talk about they Bible, they could do that. Just don’t make the neighbors mad and it couldn’t be a large crowd like the 50 people that we had Sunday.

They told them if they wanted to be an official church they must register, but then someone else let them know if they filled out the application there was a slim-chance-to-none of getting approved.

Some other interesting things to note:

I told the guys when they were taken in for questioning to 1) answer truthfully 2) only answer what they were asked (don’t freely give information).

The police officers didn’t know the names of the exact laws they were enforcing and didn’t know the answers to some of our questions but told us we could look them up on the internet.

At first they wanted to take all four people in the police car, but didn’t have enough room so they just told one guy to stay. But they called him later and made him go to the police station.

We have part of the questioning and what happened in the service recorded.

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