August 2011 Prayer Letter

“It’s Sunday! The police know we are a church and know where we meet, nothing left to do but keep going forward trusting God! Psalm 5:11-12.” This was an update that I posted on the first Sunday morning of this month. The church had some problems with the police on the previous Wednesday during a routine check up in the area, but didn’t know how serious the problems were.

That Sunday morning during the service a group of about 20 police officers or religious department workers entered our building and stopped the preacher from preaching. They blocked off the doors so no one could leave, questioned several people and took down the information of everyone in attendance. Then they took four of our people to the police station for questioning (three of them are preachers). After questioning them they released them. This is the first time the police have actually stopped the service and took in the church members for questioning.

Please pray for the church as we move forward preaching the Gospel to the glory of God! Pray for boldness and wisdom in the days ahead. Pray for the church and the Chinese pastors.

Before all of this happened at the church, we just finished hosting Fellowship Baptist Church in Maryville, TN for a short-term missions trip that we call the VisonTour. We had a great time and the group was able to help the ministry by assisting in the church’s first V.B.S., passing our gospel literature and church invites, spending time with and witnessing to Chinese college students who speak English. Many were able to share their testimonies and the preachers were able to encourage the church through preaching.

I believe by the end of the trip that there was a vision implanted in their hearts for His kingdom in China, ministry was accomplished to the glory of God and we were able encourage each other in the Lord.

After visiting places like the Buddhist Temple and seeing people worshipping idols, looking and praying over the city from the Dragon Tower, and seeing the masses of people at Tiananmen Square and Central Street, I am yet reminded of the great need for labors in this land.

Not only that, but after our recent run in with the police where they entered our church and stopped the service in the middle of the preaching, I am burdened of the need not just for laborers but bold laborers that are willing to give it all up and endure persecution for the sake of the Gospel. Will you stop playing games and surrender your live to take the Gospel to China? Will you?

Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayers and financial support!

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