Language Evaluation | Month 10

This evaluation will be a little different from the past evaluations because the month was different. Towards the end of the tenth month we didn’t have language school like normal so that we could prepare for and host the VisionTour.

1) Traveling. The Wednesday that I was scheduled to preach we go stuck in Beijing due to a missed flight and I wasn’t able to preach. But being in Beijing with a large group and being the only person who could speak Chinese really forced me to use my Chinese in many new ways. Everything from plane tickets, scheduling, hotels, paying bills, hiring drivers, traveling around the city, arguing, and bidding at the markets.

2) Translating. Since we had the group here there were many times I had the opportunity to help translate from English to Chinese or from Chinese to English. Most of the translating was when they group was out shopping or conversing with other people we came in contact with.

3) Reading. I am still reading the 2nd book of Chinese Contemporary short stories with one of my Chinese teachers and also have started going through a grammar book that is all in Chinese.

4) Characters. The basic Characters that I have learned have helped me understand basic sentences and just become more comfortable with the Characters in general.

5) Evaluating. After traveling around with the group and using that Chinese that I have learned in the past 10 months, I was really encouraged. I know we are coming up on a year of studying and I probably still have a year to go before I will be where I want to be. Please continue to pray for us as we labour in learning this language.

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